A neuropsychological evaluation is usually recommended when there are symptoms or complaints involving memory or thinking.  This may be signaled by problems with concentration, forgetfulness, organization, reasoning, language, perception, motor control, and/or behavior and personality changes.  The difficulties may be due to any of a number of medical, neurological, developmental, genetic, or psychological causes. 


By working together with involved members such as spouses, adult children, therapists, and physicians, our evaluations can provide a detailed picture of one's strengths and weaknesses and determine the most effective treatment plan for the individual.  


Patients are often referred for the following reasons:

  • Evaluation for possible lifelong/undiagnosed conditions (e.g., AD/HD, learning disability, depression).

  • Accommodations testing for standardized tests (e.g., SAT, LSAT, MCAT).

  • Memory, concentration or other cognitive complaints following a brain injury (e.g., TBI, stroke), treatment for a medical condition (e.g. chemotherapy), or other medical condition.

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