Pediatric Evaluations

A comprehensive pediatric neuropsychological evaluation can help to better understand a child's functioning in areas such as learning, attention, memory, perception, language, and behavior.  By working together with parents and other members of the child's intervention team such as teachers, therapists, and physicians, our evaluations can provide a detailed picture of a child's strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to optimize learning. 


Children are often referred for the following reasons:

1. Difficulty with learning, attention, behavior, socialization, or emotional/behavioral control.

2. A disease or inborn developmental problem that affects the brain in some way.

3. A brain injury from an accident, birth trauma, or other physical stress.

Jo NeuroAssessment Center also conducts Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE).  An IEE is typically sought when a parent disagrees with the evaluation done by their school district or when a parent does not feel that their child is receiving adequate school-based services or support (e.g., school counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education placement, etc.).  IEEs may be funded by the school district.


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